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Bolster Support Cuddle Pillow

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The Proheeder Bolster pillow is designed to softly contour your body’s curves offering a comfortable sleeping, resting, or sitting position. A non-allergenic pillow, with superior cushion thickness, for back, neck, and orthopedic support.

The versatility of this pillow allows its use during and after pregnancy. You can use it between your legs, to keep them apart, making side sleeping much easier and more comfortable, Or you can also use it to support your tummy whilst sleeping.The pillow can also be used during breastfeeding, to support the baby and arm.

This Bolster pillow not only offers comfortable support but also looks great as decoration across the top of the bed or as an extra pillow option.


The Bolster Pillow comes with a removable 100% Cotton, Zip Fastening cover, for your convenience.

Filled with a high-density, bounce-back, Polyester that will keep it's shape for long periods of time.

Pillow Size: 137 cm x 57 cm