Toddler Pillow

Toddler Pillow

COVER made from Fully Breathable Cotton Keeps Pillow Dry and Fresh ANTI-ALLERGY and Flame Retardant FILLING in Light and Soft Polyester for Greater Comfort SUITABLE for children over 24 months old MACHINE WASHABLE cover at 40°, can also be Tumble Dried GOOD SIZE for Toddlers at 35 cm by 25 cm (14 inches by 10 inches)

Donut Memory Foam Cushion

DEEP and QUALITY Memory Foam provides an Extra Help in the Relief of Pelvic, Anal, Coccyx and Perineal pain and pressure while sitting encouraging Healthy Posture ERGONOMIC Cushioned Donut Ring Cushion promotes healthy blood circulation due to the evenly weight distribution, especially for extended sitting REDUCES PRESSURE on sensitive areas which promotes faster healing during conditions such as piles, after operations or Childbirth UNIVERSAL and VERSATILE USE anywhere from the Car Seat to the Chair at Home, including Office Chair – Ideal for Wheelchair CONVENIENT and HYGIENIC Mesh Cover – REMOVABLE using the Zip and Machine WASHABLE

Coccyx Memory Foam Cushion

EXTRA COMFORT from the Ergonomic design for coccyx (tailbone) and curved of lower back from the Medically Proven U-Shaped Cutaway Section ANTI-SLIP BASE Ensures a Strong Grip on Any Surface like seats, cars, chairs and wheelchairs HELPS BLOOD CIRCULATION in the legs while you are seating DURABLE to the Special Quality Grade A Memory Foam TWO MACHINE WASHABLE and Breathable Velvet Covers are Easily Exchangable Using the Zipper for Easy Cleaning

Bed Wedge

UPRIGHT and RECLINING Support provided for Comfort, Relaxation and Help with many medical conditions BEST SOLUTION to Elevate Your Back for those with breathing problems, heartburn or acid reflux when lying down flat CAN ALSO BE USED to Raise Legs and Feet to improve circulation and relive swollen ankles, tired feet or aching legs QUILTED COVER is removable and Washable, Made of 50% cotton and 50% Polyester; FILLING is made of firm Polyurethane Foam. MEASUREMENTS: aprox. 40cm x 40cm x 30cm (16″ x 16″ x 12″) LIGHT with only 500 grams