Donut Memory Foam Cushion

Donut Memory Foam Cushion 

  • DEEP and QUALITY Memory Foam provides an Extra Help in the Relief of Pelvic, Anal, Coccyx and Perineal pain and pressure while sitting encouraging Healthy Posture
  • ERGONOMIC Cushioned Donut Ring Cushion promotes healthy blood circulation due to the evenly weight distribution, especially for extended sitting
  • REDUCES PRESSURE on sensitive areas which promotes faster healing during conditions such as piles, after operations or Childbirth
  • UNIVERSAL and VERSATILE USE anywhere from the Car Seat to the Chair at Home, including Office Chair – Ideal for Wheelchair
  • CONVENIENT and HYGIENIC Mesh Cover – REMOVABLE using the Zip and Machine WASHABLE


Helps Relieve Pains!

This Donut Cushion is designed to help reducing the pressure while sitting, and so help with Pelvic, Anal, Coccyx and Perineal pains. Some of the most common problems in today’s society.

It is also a discreet solution to relieve pain and discomfort associated with haemorrhoids (piles) and surgical/post-operative or post-natal recovery.

A Donut Shape cushion also encourages Heal

thy Posture and improves blood circulation by keeping important areas of the body away from flat surfaces.

The Memory Foam allows this cushion to be used for longer periods of time and is Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial.


Use this Donut Cushion anywhere!

This Proheeder Donut Cushion is very useful for a number of healthcare applications.

It is particularly suitable as a seat support for wheelchair, office chair or dining chair, as well as for car, truck, bus, plane or train travel.


Keep the cover Clean and Hygienic!

The Brown Colour Mesh Cover included with this cushion come with a Zip. This allows the cover to be removable and washable.





Item Specifics:

Cushion Material: Non-Toxic

Memory Foam

Size: 16″ x 13″ x 2.8″ (40cm x 32cm x 7cm) approx.

Weight: 350g approx.